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Hippos Need Heroes: Will You Answer the Call?

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Pablo Escobar's Hippos set to be Killed by Colombia’s Government

The issue of Pablo Escobar’s “cocaine hippos” in Colombia has transcended national borders, becoming a hallmark case of the complex balance between biodiversity conservation and animal welfare. Santuario Ostok, an entity dedicated to wildlife preservation, has positioned itself at the heart of this environmental crossroads with a specific proposal: to capture and relocate Escobar’s hippos to a controlled and secure habitat. The organization has not only devised a detailed plan but has also secured the necessary financial resources for its execution, demonstrating their commitment and capacity to resolve the situation ethically and sustainably.

Despite this, the Colombian government maintains a firm opposition to the sanctuary’s plan. The official stance supports eradication as the solution to the problem, citing the increasing negative impact of the hippos on the local ecosystem, as well as the safety risks they pose to nearby communities. This approach has stirred controversy, sparking a public debate on the moral implications of such action, especially when viable alternatives are available.

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